The first meeting of the Southern Upholstery Jobbers' Association was held in Montgomery, Alabama, on June 9, 1956 at the Hotel Whitney.

Temporary Chairman - H.M. Fearnside, Jr.
Acting as Secretary - J.P. Hogan

Others in attendance for the first meeting were:
Acme Fabrics Co. (W.F. Johnston - H.M. Fearnside)
Deep South Fabrics (L.C. Sanders)
Erickson Co. (J.R. Erickson)
Hunter & Co. (W.K. McInnis - John G. Ward)
Mattress Supply Co. (L.K. Peeler - J.T Poole)
Neo Fabrics, Inc. (L.H. Hellmers - H. Ave'Lallemant)
Southern Textile & Supply (J.P. Hogan - John J. Hogan)
Spradling Supply Co. (E.P. Spradling)
Upholstery Supply Co. (B.P. Cole)
Woolley Brothers (R.E. Wooley)
Wynn & Graff (J.B. Wynn)

Most of the Companies were from the Southern States but not limited to:
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas

This group has meet every year since 1956 at different locations throughout the south.

Although the company names and the members names have changed throughout the years, the original basis for the organization has not - "to raise the ethical standards of the Upholstery Jobbers', to better relations between members; to establish public confidence, maintain fair and ethical business practices, and to strive for economic improvement in the areas served by the members of this association."